• Winslow Public Works

    The Department of Public Works is responsible for keeping all public roads passable. In light of this legal obligation, plow truck drivers exercise use of the right-of-way so as to keep the full width of pavement useable for vehicular traffic. In rural areas, plow drivers clear snow and ice several feet off the pavement. In subdivisions, plow drivers clear snow and ice generally three feet off the pavement. This may affect the conditions of lawns; any resident may call and Read More
  • Fort Halifax Maine

    In May of 2000, my wife, Donna, and I came to Winslow when I accepted a position as the Town’s Police Chief. Town residents quickly made us feel welcomed and within a short period of time Winslow felt like home. In October of 2006 I ended my law enforcement career to become Winslow’s Town Manager. Because my experience here had been so rewarding, I jumped at the chance to serve this community as Town Manager. Both visitor and town resident Read More
  • Winslow Maine Hutning

    The Town of Winslow is extremely conscious of the safety of our employees and the citizens of our community and of the importance of our physical assets. As an employer, we recognize the obligation to ensure the safest possible work place for our employees. As a governmental entity, we recognize our responsibility to protect the Town of Winslow's physical assets from damage or loss and to provide a safe environment for the public we serve. Our ultimate goal is to Read More
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